Class II M – Surface Supplied Mixed Gas Diver 70 Metres

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This course can be done after completing the 50m Air Class II. The 70 metre Surface Mixed Gas diver is a course training a diver to use mixed gas surface supply to a maximum depth of 70 metres. This course is not commonly run course, as not many companies use this method of diving, therefore these courses are run on demand. This class II M course is not a prequisite for the Class I saturation closed bell diver course.

The qualification allows the diver to use nitrox, heliox and trimix, using in water oxygen as well as surface decompression procedures with and without the use of a diving basket and wet belt. Wet bells are use in the heliox depth range.


Course Details

Location: Durban South Africa. Training will be done in both fresh water and open sea conditions.

Duration: 4 weeks

Cost: R50 000-00 ZAR Rand



  • Have completed Class II 50m air diver course
  • Have an in-date or South African Commercial diving medical examination
  • Have a valid diving first aid certificate. (Can be done before the start of course completed on PDC class II)


Some Subjects Covered:

  • The physics of diving
  • Diving physiology and first aid
  • Diving medicine understanding therapeutic decompression tables and procedures
  • Surface decompression procedures and omitted decompression procedures
  • Diving emergencies
  • Surface supply diving equipment demand for Surface Mixed Gas Diving and Rebreathers Mixed Gas
  • Full face masks, band masks, and helmets
  • Application of mixed gas decompression tables including decompression stops and procedures
  • Mixed Gas Diving equipment and maintenance
  • Pre- and post-dive checks
  • Diving emergencies, rescues and diving hazards
  • Wet bell diving using mixed gas procedures
  • Hand signals, lifeline and voice communications
  • Surface supply diver, standby diver and attendant procedures
  • Legislation and guidance
  • Mixed Gas Compression chamber checks and operations
  • Low pressure (LP) and high pressure (HP) compressors and Mixed gas quads
  • Surface supply from various diving vessels
  • Hot water suit diving
  • There is so much more covered than what is listed above as well.


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