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DOL Diving Supervisor for Classes IV, III, II, and I

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Trainee Supervisor

To became a supervisor a diver with the mentioned criteria in the diving regulations first registers as a trainee supervisor after passing the theory and practical section of the course, after this the trainee supervisor is to gain experience under a qualified supervisor logging 200 panel hours for Class II and Class I, the Class III trainee supervisors need to log 100 panel hours after attending the course. The supervisor hours are less for class IV (50 hours). Proof of hours and a letter of recommendation are required before being registered as a supervisor.

Course Details:

  1. Cost: Contact us
  2. We also run the IMCA Air or Bell Supervisor trainee courses – Contact us


Be a diver for the class you wish to attend the trainee supervisor for Be registered as a diver for a least two years for Class II and Class I and have logged over 400 lock out hours for class I and 200 working dives since registration as diver for class II. For class IV and Class III have been registered for a least 1 year with 100 hours and 100 logged working dives